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AKON- Products

Holder set

Holder set

Make cutting threads easy!

With our AKON holder set you can cut easily male and female threads of different sizes on standard turning machines. Precision, high accuracy and  time saving are the advantages of our long proved and tested products.



Holder for taps

The AKON-holder for taps centers the tap exactly in the provided drill-hole. A finely aligned positioning results in a perfectly straight thread. No stripping of thread and no distortions occur.

Cut your threads in an uncomplicated way, fast and in high quality.


Holder for dies

With the AKON-holder for dies you can cut male threads easily and precisely. Just put the die into the workpiece holder and Setzen Sie das Schneideisen in den Halter und schon kann die Arbeit beginnen.

kurzhalter fuer aussengewinde

AKON workpiece holders with 1/2 inch square drive

Our AKON short workpiece holders for dies DIN 223 were developed specially for recutting damaged threads. (in all types of vehicles for example, on construction sites, for use by plumbers, heating installers etc.). The ½ inch square workpiece receiver is designed for all standard socket spanner sets. Short threads can also be cut on the turning machine in conjunction with the appropriate mandrel.

einstellbare Drehmomentkupplung

Mandrels / Mandrels with adjustable torque coupling

The mandrels with adjustable torque coupling are especialy appropriated to cut a thread on drill-holes with a limitated depth.The required torque of your thread which is to be cut can be regulated easily.The adjusting sleeve is regulated on the thread to be cut with the result that it is possible to cut as far as the depth of the hole. It is not possible for the tap to break off, as the torque coupling would first loosen.

haltersatz fuer bohrmaschine

Holder set for drills - "The trick with the click"

Turn your drill into a thread cutter in a jiffy.
Simply insert the mandrel into the drill spindle, push back the blue aluminium sleeve and fit the holder with groove onto the parallel pin. The aluminium sleeve slips back into place and is held by a ball.These AKON holders can be used on all common pillar drills with left-right rotation.The mandrel MK2 and four die holders with cutting range M3 to M14 are supplied in a handy plastic toolbox.
zentrier bohrapparat

Centering and drilling device

This centering and drilling device allows for centred and other drilling at the desired uniform depth. It provides for quick and easy operation and thus for significant time savings. Further costs are saved due to decreased breakage of centred and spiral drills.



RUBOMETRIC die heads are suitable for cutting right hand and left hand threads, for cutting any form of threads and materials, and for cutting close to the shoulder and every length of thread.The die heads are used on turning machines, turret lathes, single and multi-spindle automatic lathes, threading machines, drilling machines, or on other machines that are suitable for cutting threads.

Schleuderhammerset 2.2

Slide hammer set

For the easy extration of cylinder and taper pins, pulley wheels, wedge bars, etc. Wide range of applications with the most common bit sizes. The extension bar allows for the slide hammer bar to be lengthened as needed, therefore allowing for increased force transmission.A high degree of tensile strength is achieved due to sculpted, fine connection threads.Complete set with a compact design that is both sturdy and easy to handle.
halter steckschluessel
Accessories and spare parts for workpiece holder for taps
schneideisenhalter beilagscheibe
Accessories and spare parts for workpiece holders for dies