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AKON Holder set for drills

The "click" which lowers investment costs.

Turn your drill into a thread cutter in a jiffy

In order to survive on the market one has to consider new ways to lower the production costs of small batch sizes through even more automation, workflow rationalisation and the reduction of investment costs. The new AKON holder set provides the ideal preconditions because it turns your drill into a die for male threads in a jiffy.


The trick with the "click" can change everything.

Simply insert the mandrel into the drill spindle, push back the blue aluminium sleeve and fit the holder with groove onto the parallel pin. The aluminium sleeve slips back into place and is held by a ball. These AKON holders can be used on all common pillar drills with left-right rotation. The mandrel MK2 and four die holders with cutting range M3 to M14 are supplied in a handy plastic toolbox.

Haltersatz für Bohrmaschine
Male threads M3 - M14 (for dies DIN 223)
in a plastic toolbox
Article-No. Consists of: Dimensions Thread to be cut
    d h h1

etetr. ISO-Regel- und Feingewinde DIN 13

Length of cuttable thread

workpiece  holder     20 x 7/5 20 7 - M3 – M6


workpiece holder     25 x 9 25 9 - M7 – M9
workpiece holder     30 x 11 30 11 - M10 – M11
workpiece holder     38 x 14/10 38 14 - M12 – M14
Mandrel     MK2